Buy Titanium dioxide Anatase 99% purity Online

Inorganic Surface Treatment Al2O3, ZrO2
Organic Surface Treatment Yes
TiO2 Content,%(m/m) ≥94
Brightness ≥94.5
Tint Reducing Power, Reynolds Number, TCS ≥1940
Volatile Matters At105·C,%(m/m) ≤0.5
Water Soluble,% ≤0.5
PH Value Of Water Suspension 6.5-8.5
Oil Absorption Value,g/100g ≤18
Electrical Resistance Of Aqueous Extract,Ωm ≥80
Residue On The Sieve(45um Mesh),%(m/m) ≤0.02
Rutile Content,% 98.5
Whiteness,(compared With Standard Sample) No Less Than
Oil Dispersible Power,% 6.0
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